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I really believe in the idea of 'growing together' and so I share my knowledge and experience about web development. Sometimes you can find me yelling at proprietary software because I am a huge fan of open source and especially Linux. 🐧

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Setup React Development Environment on Ubuntu

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Do you want to switch to Ubuntu as a React developer? You can setup React development environment on Ubuntu by following this full guide. Vscode, terminal, fonts, themes and many other tools and utilities...

Create a reusable confirmation dialog with Material UI

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Learn how to create a Material-UI confirmation dialog with custom messages passed to it.

How To Install Multiple Node Versions On Ubuntu 20.04

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Learn how to manage multiple node versions on your Linux machine

What are core web vitals and why they are vital?

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Web vitals is a guidance for developers to provide their users great web experience.

What is a Github Issue

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Learn how github issues work and improve your workflow immediately!

How to persist react state between page refreshes?

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to store react state in local storage of the browser.

Server-side Paginated React Table

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Learn how to paginate your data in react table on server-side

Using SWR For Data Fetching In NextJS

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SWR is a data fetching library created by Vercel. Learn how to fetch your remote data easily with useSWR hook.

Create Custom Social Share Buttons For React

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In this tutorial we are going to build a simple social share buttons component for a react application.

Create Simple Carousel For React

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Most of the time we need simple sliders (carousels if you like) in our applications to show array of items visually. There are huge libraries for this work but it might be an overkill using a library sometimes for small projects.

How to add Twitter tags to a Nextjs blog

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Improve the interaction of your tweets by adding twitter tags to your NextJS blog

Thinkpad L14 fan speed configuration with Thinkfan utility.

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As a developer and Linux enthusiast, I love thinkpads. But it is important to configure it correctly to keep it silent and cool.