About me

Uğur Emirmustafaoğlu

Hello my name is Uğur Emirmustafaoğlu. During my collage years, I had started and gave break many times, but one year ago I made my final decision and started learning web development. From that day, I have been working on web development field, especially within the React and Javascript ecosystem and finally I am getting ready to call myself 'Frontend Web Developer'.

Since the start of my journey, I made a great progress by only studying with free and online resources. Developer blogs had an important role in my journey. Since I realized that every bit of information shared online creates great learning opportunities for both the sharing party and the learner, I kept writing blogs.

Currently, I live in Istanbul/Turkey, I am married with the person I love and I am pretty happy to earn my life while coding.

I am always open for your web development related questions. You can reach me via email or social media. Thanks for stopping by. 😇

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