My name is Ugur!
I sit at home all day and create

blazing fast websites.


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Fullstack Jira-Clone Application with React, Apollo and Typescript

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In this project I created an issue/bug tracker application with React, Typescript and Graphql. It is simply a Jira-Clone where users can keep track of their software development process by creating project stages/columns and issues. It supports role based access control which means every user will have different access capabilities to different parts of the project.

Highlighted Posts

Setup React Development Environment on Ubuntu

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Do you want to switch to Ubuntu as a React developer? You can setup React development environment on Ubuntu by following this full guide. Vscode, terminal, fonts, themes and many other tools and utilities...

Create a reusable confirmation dialog with Material UI

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Learn how to create a Material-UI confirmation dialog with custom messages passed to it.

Server-side Paginated React Table

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Learn how to paginate your data in react table on server-side

How to add Twitter tags to a Nextjs blog

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Improve the interaction of your tweets by adding twitter tags to your NextJS blog